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The Great War Centenary 1917 - Exhibition

Boomtown - From Front Line to White Lund
What our visitors are saying!

At Lancaster City Museum from Saturday 13th May 2017 to Sunday 12th November 2017.
Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm (including Mondays in the school summer holidays).
Admission Free.  Lancaster City Museum, Market Square, Lancaster, LA1 1HT

What our visitors are saying about the exhibition.

bullet“Excellent exhibition. I’ve learned a lot I didn’t know. Very well done.”
bullet“This exhibition dispelled a lot of myths I had grown up with over many years. Very informative and of real interest to any local people”
bullet“Great Exhibition and interesting”
bullet“Excellent, very well laid out and very informative. A great attraction to Lancaster!”
bullet“Day trip to Lancaster, we enjoyed learning about some local history, being interested in social history it was an insight into wartime events of your region.”
bullet“Very interesting. My grandma Ethel Pretoria Vickers worked at the White Lund munitions plant. She was born 8 Aug 1900 so would have been a teenager at the time.”
bullet“You have put together a really excellent exhibition. Great to see all the artefacts large and small.”
bullet“Brilliant displays. So much to take in. Excellent photos many of them unpublished. A fine tribute to the munitionettes.”
bullet“Really interesting accounts and visual effects are brilliant.”
bullet“Exceptionally interesting and educational.”
bullet“Very interesting exhibition. I have lived in Lancaster all my life and did not know of this disaster. Also display of the Regiment informed me that Bulk Road was formerly known as Germany Street. I lived on Bulk Road during the 1970s and 80s and had never known this.”




Exhibition supported by the Sir John Fisher Foundation, Army Museums Ogilby Trust, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster, and The Friends of Lancaster City Museum.  In partnership with Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council.




© Images are copyright, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum.
 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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