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Annual Acquisition Records 1946 - 1950

The Regimental Journal, The Lion and The Rose, later The Lion and The Dragon, and the Museum's Annual Report has always published a list of acquisitions to the museum's collection.  This listing briefly describes the items acquired and the donor's name.


bulletKO0684 Photos: 2nd King’s Own in Ceylon, India, etc 1942- 1946. Return of the 107th Regiment to Lancaster. Gift of The Honorary Secretary, Regimental Association, Lancaster.
bulletKO0685 Japanese ammunition, water bottle, currency, from 56th Anti-Tank Regiment, Burma. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel J R S Thompson, Ulverston.
bulletKO0686 Prints: regimental facings; treatise on military affairs; various battles, including Boyne, Preston and the landing of William of Orange. etc. Gift of Mr T E Ellwood, Milnthorpe.
bulletKO0687 Medals of Herbert Charles Borrett, Gift of the family of Borrett.
bulletKO0688 Drawing of soldier of the 1st/4th King’s Own, by Captain Ellwood. Gift of Mrs G E Ellwood, Lancaster.
KO0689 Shakos, circa 1872, with storage tin. Gift of Colonel E B Pooley, Dalton in Furness.
bulletKO0691 Dagger, German, Other Ranks. Gift of Major R A Cockrell, British Army of the Rhine.


bulletKO0692 Records of the King’s Own Comforts Funds. Gift of the Officers Committee of the King’s Own Royal Regiment Active Service (Overseas) Comforts Funds, Lancaster.
bulletKO0694 Uniform of Major Stokes, c1868-1881. Gift of Mrs Royal, Lancaster.
bulletKO0696 Photos, 2nd King’s Own, India, 1945-47. Gift of the Officer Commanding, 2nd King’s Own.
bulletKO0697 Model of Churchill Tank used by the 107th Regiment RAC. Gift of the Vauxhall Motor Company Limited.
bulletKO0698 Photos: Depot officers, 1931; Visit of HM King and Queen to Bowerham Barracks, May 1940; 1st King’s Own 1947; 2nd King’s Own, Gibraltar, 1946; 2nd King’s Own, India, 1947; 5th King’s Own, 1946; 7th King’s Own, 1946. Menu from Manchester Branch dinner; programme for ‘At Home’, Bowerham Barracks, 1947; Programme, Theatre Royal Gibraltar, 1946. Association badges. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Percy Firth White, Lancaster.
bulletKO0699 Watercolour of Manchester Branch standard. Gift of the Manchester Branch, King’s Own Association
bulletKO0700 Birds eye view map of Natal, 1899-1902. Field dressings. Photos: 1st King’s Own, India, 1907-1910; 1st King’s Own, 1947. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Percy Firth White, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.
bulletKO0701 Bridge Account Book, 1st King’s Own 1884-1909, Gift of Major D Gawne, Somerset.
bulletKO0702 Abyssinian Ceremonial Key, worn by a priest as a badge of office. Given to Colonel Lugard at Sir Robert Napier’s farewell conference with Abyssinian Chiefs. . Gift of Captain Parker, The Curator, Royal United Services Institute, London.
bulletKO0703 Programme, New Colours, 1st King’s Own, Trieste, 1947. Gift of the Officer Commanding, Regimental Depot, Lancaster.
bulletKO0704 Colours of the Regiment of Hesse D’Armstadt, captured by Private George Hatton at the storming of Badajoz in 1812. Transferred from the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
bulletKO0705 Letter re German manoeuvres, 1881; programme for 2nd King’s Own Athletics, 1921; menus for Annual Dinners; Photos, all battalions, from circa 1916 to 1947; mainly Second World War. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.
bulletKO0706 Menu for victory luncheon, Italy, May 1945. and The Story of the Tenth Indian Division. Gift of Mr A Byron.
bulletKO0708 Programmes: Memorial Service, Priory Church, 1937; Beating the retreat, Karachi, 1939; Print: battle of Culloden, 1746; photos: Lieutenant Colonels de Cordova, White and Lieutenant General Lord Cadogan. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.
bulletKO0709 Programmes: Trooping the Colour, 1st Scots Guards, 1947; 1st King’s Own, Athletics, 1947. Gift of Captain T S Jakeman, Lancaster.
bulletKO0710 Album of Worsley-Taylor, South Africa, 1899-1902; letters, newspaper cuttings and photographs including 3rd and 4th King’s Own in 1900s. Gift of Lady Worsley-Taylor, Clitheroe.


bulletKO0711 Programme: Regimental Band Concert, 1948, Lancaster. Photos, Old Comrades Reunion, 1947. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.
bulletKO0712 Photo: 1st King’s Own Corps of Drums at Lucknow, 1912. Gift of Mr R Geary, Lancaster.
bulletKO0713 Photo: 1st Volunteer Battalion officers, 1891. Gift of Mr F Burns Bell, Morecambe.
bulletKO0714 Photos: pages of the Second World War roll of honour and memorial; 1st King’s Own band, 1947; 1st King’s Own Trieste, 1947; 2nd King’s Own, 1944-48; Association reunion 1947-8. Order of Service for dedication of the War Memorial Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.
bulletKO0715 Photos: 5th King’s Own 1910-1915; French and Belgian postcards of places where the 1st/5th King’s Own was stationed, 1915 etc. Gift of Mr W M Preston, Scorton.
bulletKO0716 Programme, Trooping the Colour, Lichfield, 1934.
bulletKO0717 Rugby Football fixture lists, 1931-38. Gift of Colonel R N Anderson, DSO.
bulletKO0719 Boer War Letters of C W Grover, 1899-1900. Menu for dinner, 1937; Programme for Trooping the Colour, 1948. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster.
bulletKO0720 Invitation to 3rd and 4th Battalion Ball. Gift of Mrs Marshall, Lancaster.
bulletKO0721 Photos: 1st King’s Own, 1948; 2nd King’s Own Eritrea, 1948; Diary of a Chaplain in Burma; Gift of The Secretary , Regimental Association, Lancaster.
bulletKO0722 Photos Lieutenant Colonel C L Hodgson and 2nd Lieutenant Hodgson. Gift of Mrs C L Hodgson, Windsor.
KO0723 Photo, depot parade, 1929. Gift of Colonel L I Cowper, Lancaster.
bulletKO0724 Photos: 1st King’s Own, Dublin, 1921; 1st King’s Own, 1946; 2nd King’s Own, 1909-1912. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Lancaster.
bulletKO0725 Maps of Germany. Gift of Mr C Pape, Hest Bank, Lancaster.
bulletKO0726 Photos: Regimental Chapel; 1st King’s Own, 1948; 2nd King’s Own, Eritrea, 1948; 5th King’s Own, 1948; Gift of The Secretary, Regimental Association, Lancaster.
bulletKO0727 1796 Warrant for Holding Court Martial, Militia. Gift of Mrs A A Tackley, Tidworth.
bulletKO0728 Album of photos, South Africa 1899-1902. Photos, South African War. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel G W Grover, Hemel Hempstead.
bulletKO0729 Princess Mary’s Gift to the troops pipe. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel L I Cowper, Lancaster.
bulletKO0730 Print of Waterloo Banquet, 1836. Gift of Mr Harrison.
bulletKO0731 Menu, Annual Dinner, 1931. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel R P F White, Lancaster.
bulletKO0732 Copy of ‘Tobruk Truth’ for Monday 8th December 1941. Gift of Lieutenant (QM) T Leach, 2nd King’s Own.
bulletKO0733 ‘Relief of Ladysmith’ 28 February 1900 hat band ribbon. Gift of Lieutenant Colonel Shaw, Birkenhead.
bulletKO0734 Programme for Thanksgiving Service for the Allied Victory in North Africa. Gift of Colonel R M J Goldie, Headquarters, Lines of Communications, British North Africa Force.
bulletKO0735 Programmes for Polo Tournaments, 1926. Gift of Brigadier W H Gribbon.
bulletKO0737 Photo, Lieutenant General Wilby, circa 1880.


bulletKO0738 Photos, 1st King’s Own 1880s-1890s. Gift of Mrs A A Tackley, Tidworth.
bulletKO0739 Interior of Regimental Chapel, Lancaster, 1947. Gift of Mr C Thomas, Lancaster.
bulletKO0740 Medals of Colour Sergeant Munden. Gift of Mrs C Munden, Lancaster.
bulletKO0741 Album of Photos, 1st King’s Own, 1910, Lucknow. Gift of ex-Sergeant W Page, Lancaster.
bulletKO0742 Photo: 1st King’s Own 1948; Old Comrades dinner, 1948 and letter. Gift of Major H Darlington, Lancaster.
bulletKO0743 Watercolour, private soldier, 1795. Gift of Major General Fitzherbert, Fleet.
bulletKO0744 Programme, Amalgamation parade, 1949. Gift of the Commanding Officer, Officers and All Ranks, King’s Own Royal Regiment.
bulletKO0745 Coatee, Major James Paton, 1843-55. Gift of Major J A Paton.
bulletKO0746 Uniform and head-dress, Royal Lancashire Militia. Gift of Mrs E A Dennison-Yates, Yealand Conyers.
bulletKO0747 Uniform of Colonel M C Peake, MC; Gift of Messrs Peake and Co.
bulletKO0748 Mess Uniform of Colonel Middleton; sabretache; sword slings, sword etc. Gift of Mr Noel Middleton, London.
bulletKO0749 Officers Tunic, circa 1890-1903, Captain Dobson. Gift of Flights Limited, New Burlington Arcade, London.
bulletKO0750 Uniform and equipment of Colonel Bois. Various watercolours of regimental soldiers and scenes, including 2nd King’s Own in Salonika. Was miniature portrait of Major General James Wolfe; and 2nd King’s Own side drum. Gfit of Mrs E N Bois, Warton.
bulletKO0751 Trousers, cap, spurs and boot hooks. Gift of Colonel L I Cowper, Lancaster.


bulletKO0752 Album of Photos, 1st and 2nd King’s Own Amalgamation Parade, Trieste, 1949. Gift of the Officer Commanding, 1st King’s Own.
bulletKO0753 Regimental pennant flag, 1914-1918. Gift of the late Reverend C J K Burnell.
bulletKO0754 Photo: 2nd King’s Own Sergeants in India, 1884; Regimental silver, 1899; Royal Military College Certificate to Cadet O R Middleton, 1857; Gift of the Executors of the late Colonel O R Middleton.
bulletKO0755 Badges of the King’s Own Calgary Regiment. The Commanding Officer, the King’s Own Calgary Regiment, Calgary, Canada.
bulletKO0756 Queen Victoria Chocolate Box, issued to Colour Sergeant Munden. Gift of Miss C Munden, Lancaster.
bulletKO0757 Photo album, 1st King’s Own, Trieste, 1947. Gift of Brigadier Hardy, Lancaster.

Only a proportion of our collections are on display at anyone time.  Certain items are on loan for display in other institutions.  An appointment is required to consult any of our collections which are held in store.

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