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Regimental History - 20th Century

Second World War 1939-1945

9th Battalion, King's Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster

The 9th Battalion was one of four newly raised units of the King's Own Royal Regiment in February 1940. They joined the British Expeditionary Force in France in April 1940 to assist with defensive works. Following the German invasion on 10th May 1940 the 9th Battalion made their way back to Dunkirk and the UK. On their return to the UK they were employed on anti-invasion duties, and spent the majority of the time along the south-coast of England. In November 1941 the unit was converted to artillery and became 90th Anti Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery.

February 1940 Battalion raised

26th April 1940 Battalion arrives in France and is stationed at Vermelles.

10th May 1940 German attack begins and their forces advance

28th May 1940 Battalion ordered to withdraw

29th May 1940 Battalion rejoin 3rd Division

9th Battalion rejoined 3rd Division on the left of the forward line - manning an area between the Furnes-Bergues Canal and the Furnes-Dunkirk Canal.

31st May 1940 9th Battalion leave Dunkirk

Corporal Basil Parker, served with the 9th Battalion during this period and he recorded on a post card the route that he took between 10th May and 2nd June 1940 on a postcard.

Postcard with sketch map of locations visited by Corporal Basil Parker, number 6895827 of the 9th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Regiment between 17 May 1940 and 2 Jun 1940.  From Arras to La Panne
Accession Number: KO3091/01

June 1940 9th Battalion start Home Defence

The 9th Battalion arrived back in England and are sent to the South Coast - and begin home defence around Southampton.

16th November 1941 Battalion converted to 90th Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery


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