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First World War

 8th Battalion, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

October 1914 Raised at Lancaster and moved to Coford on Salisbury Plain.  Trained at Boscombe near Bournemouth in Hampshire.

28 September 1915

Arrived in France at Havre Joined the 76th Brigade of the 25th Division

2 October 1915 Attached to the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade

2 March 1916

The Bluff (Battle of Loos)

3 April 1916

Action at St. Eloi Craters (Battle of Loos)

July to October 1916 Battle of the Somme

18 July 1916

The Somme: Battle of Delville Wood

16 August 1916 Attack near Talus Boise

18 August 1916

The Somme: Battle of Guillemont

13 November 1916

The Somme: Attack on Serre

9 April 1917

The Battle of Arras: The Battle of the Scarpe

9 April 1917 Attack near Tilloy
11 April 1917 Attack on Gurmappe
27 April 1917 Repulse of counter attack near Monchy le Preux
12 May 1917 Attack on Devils Trench
18 June 1917 Repulse of counter attack on Hook Trench
September and October 1917 Third Battle of Ypres

16 September 1917

3rd Battle of Ypres: Zonnebeke

26-28 September 1917 Attack on Polygon Wood
March 1918 Second Battle of the Somme

21 March 1918

The Battle of St. Quentin

24 March 1918 Repulse of Attack near Wancourt
28 March 1918 Repulse of further attack
April 1918 Battle of Lys

21 August 1918

Battle of Albert: Courcelles and Railway Embankment

23 August 1918

Battle of Albert: Gomiecourt

August 1918 Second Battle of Arras
31 August 1918 Capture of Francourt Trench

1 September 1918


September 1918 Battle of the Hindenburg Line
27 September 1918 Attack near Flesquieres

28 September 1918

Battle of Canal du Nord: Flesquieres and Ribe Court

1 October 1918 Attack near Rumilly

2 October 1918

Battle of the Selle: Rumilly

9 October 1918 Attack near Masnieres
23 October 1918 Attack near Romieres
11 December 1918 Stationed at Krombach
4 March 1919 Moved to Cologne
7 April 1919 Moved to Bramville
21 May 1919 Cadre moved to Antwerp
26 March 1919 Cadre returned to England

8th (Service) Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

bullet8th (Service) Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Collection: The Lion - The Official Magazine of the 8th Battalion, 1919

A digital version of the Battalion War Diary is available on cd-rom from the Museum Shop.


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