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Digital Copies of Books and Documents in the Museum's Collection

All supplied on a cased cd-rom.  Prices including UK postage and packing

Instructions for the Training of Platoons for Offensive Action, 1917.
Part 1: Organisation, Part 2: Training, Part 3: General Remarks
Issued by the General Staff, February 1917.
"This pamphlet has been drawn up with a view to assisting Platoon Commanders in training and fighting their platoons.  It is not possible to lay down a correct line of action for all situations which may arise on the battlefield, but it is hoped that a careful study of the instructions herein contained may assist subordinate commanders to act correctly in any situation"
24 digitised pages with ten diagrams on cd-rom.
This item is now on our website and is withdrawn from sale.

Elucidations of the Formation and Manoeuvre of a Battalion of Infantry
By John Preston Walker, Captain and Adjutant of the Halifax Volunteers, and Late Lieutenant in the Twenty Seventh or Enniskillen Infantry.
First published circa 1806.
"A Desire to attain a knowledge of the science of War, having become so very universal, any attempt to illustrate and render easy in practice the Regulations which constitute our present system of Military Tactics will not, it is hoped, be thought unworthy the patronage of the Officers of the British Infantry, to whom this little treatise is respectfully addressed."
7 including UK postage and packing.

Regulations and Instructions for Encampments, May 1875
Including: General Principles, Formation of Camp, Striking Camp, Water Supply, Latrines, Cooking, Camp Police, Hut Encampments.
66 digitised pages which includes more than 25 illustrations and diagrams on cd-rom.
7 including UK postage and packing.

Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercises of Infantry, April 1842  (Infantry Sword Exercises), Adjutant Generals Office, Horse Guards.
"These instructions are laid down as the surest and quickest mode of forming swordsmen"
This item is now on our website and is withdrawn from sale.

Rifle and Carbine Exercises and Musketry Instructions, Horse Guards, 1879.
This disc contains a digital copy of the instruction book and includes: Manual Exercises for a rifle battalion, in two ranks and piling arms, Funeral
Exercises, Paying Compliments with Arms, Dismissing a Company, The Firing Exercises, Preparing for Cavalry, A Feu-de-Joie, Review Exercises, Manual of Inspecting Arms on Parade, Rifle Exercises for Sergeants, Guards and Sentries, Bayonet or Sword Bayonet Exercises.
Over 180 digital images on cd-rom
7 including UK postage and packing.

How Not To Do It.  A Manual for the Awkward Squads, or A Handbook of Directions Written for the Instruction of Raw Recruits in our Rifle Volunteer Regiments by R M Ballantyne. (First published 1860)
"Reader! I am anxious that my motive in writing this Manual should not be misunderstood.  I am a member of a Volunteer Rifle Regiment.... My sole desire is to give a little friendly advice to our awkward squads, and, if possible, to reach the obtuse faculties of the wilfully, ignorantly, or stupidly awkward members of the awkward squads.  For these, and these alone, this Manual in intended....."
This item is now on our website and is withdrawn from sale.

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