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Regimental History

Use this resource to find out more about the regiment!  We have specific pages on the regiment by century, as well as the two world wars.  Check out our pages on Battle Honours and Actions & Movements which chart the location of the regiment for over three hundred years.

Check our medal pages for information on medals awarded to soldiers of the King's Own.  Including First and Second World Wars.

Following these links for specific topics!

bulletRegimental Titles - regular, volunteer & militia
bulletRegimental Badge and Title
bulletBadges of Rank
bulletAn Incident in the Peninsula War - Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bevan, of the 4th or King’s Own Regiment and the Bridge at Barba del Puerco 1811
bulletSt. George's Day - the regimental day
bulletBowerham Barracks, Lancaster - the regimental depot
bulletSpringfield Barracks, Lancaster - home of the 1st Royal Lancashire Militia
bulletRoyal Lancashire Militia
bulletThe Volunteer Movement
bulletHistory of the Colours
bulletThe Colours of the Regiment
bulletRegimental Chapel at Lancaster Priory Church
bulletGibraltar and the King's Own
bullet1939-45 War Regimental Memorial
bulletMarch to Magdala - Abyssinia 1868
bulletThe Boy Stood on the Burning Deck....
bulletKing's Own Territorial Force 1908-1914
bulletThe Haldane Reforms
bulletRegimental Court Martial Records, 1840s
bulletRegimental Music and March
bulletRegimental Collect
bulletRoyal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, King's Own Military Lodges
bulletRugby Football and the King's Own
bulletArmy Temperance
bulletThe Battle of Waterloo
bulletLancaster's Crimean War Memorial
bulletMilitary and regimental use of cycles
bulletThe Loyal and Friendly Society of the Blew and Orange
bullet Battle Honours to Volunteer, Militia and Territorial Units
bullet1st Battalion in Italy 1944-45
bullet7th Battalion in Gibraltar 1942
bullet2nd Battalion in Tobruk 1942
bullet2nd Battalion in Burma 1944 as Chindits
bullet107th Regiment RAC in 1944-45
bulletMedals 1815-1962

Soldiers of the King's Own Regiment

bulletThomas Castine, from English Private to French General
bulletEnsign James Gardiner, 1814
bulletLieutenant Colonel John Piper -Regimental Officer 1795-1821
bulletJournal of Captain Mason of the King's Own, Recording his voyage to Australia, his service there and his return journey 1831 - 1835
bulletLieutenant Colonel Henry William Breton - Australia 1830s
bulletPrivate John Muckett - Executed for Murder
bulletArchive of Captain John Welch, 4th Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, First World War
bulletColonels of the Regiment 1680 - 1959
bulletVictoria Cross holders in the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

List of Officers of the Regiment 1680-1959

Rolls of Honour:
Roll of Honour of Soldiers of the King's Own who died between the end of the First World War and 1939.
Roll of Honour of those soldiers of the regiment who died between the end of the Second World War and 1959.

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