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1. Historically the area of collecting has been material related to the King's Own Royal Regiment from 1680 to 1968.  Such material includes uniforms, badges and insignia, paraphernalia, archive material etc. of the Regiment and also typical examples of firearms, edged weapons and equipment used by the King's Own infantry from 1680 to 1968.  In addition material related to local Volunteer, Militia and Territorial units from the Lancaster area and the former Furness area of Lancashire, now part of Cumbria, has been collected.  The Museum will continue to collect this material.

For the constituent parts of the Regiment see below.

2. Acquisitions will be selected or accepted on the basis of their capacity to illustrate all aspects of the history of the Regiment and its personnel.

3. Acquisition will be conditioned by the ability of the Museum to provide adequate storage, conservation and appropriate staff.  Material will otherwise wherever possible be directed to other suitable museums with appropriate specialised facilities.

4. The Museum will at all times take due consideration of the collecting policies of adjacent local, regional and national museums and kindred bodies.

5. The Museum will actively promote, with other related institutions, a coherent joint policy for collecting within the region.

6. The Museum will not seek to duplicate existing services within the area nor to collect very specialised items where there is suitable national or local provision already in existence.

7. This acquisition policy will be published and reviewed from time to time.  Acquisitions outside the current stated policy will only be made in very exceptional circumstances.

8. The Museum will not acquire, whether by purchase, gift, bequest any object or specimen unless the governing body or responsible officer is satisfied that the museum can acquire a valid title to the item in question, and that in particular it has not been acquired in, or exported from, its country of origin in violation of that country's laws.  (For the purpose of this paragraph 'country or origin' includes the United Kingdom.

9. By definition a museum has a long-term purpose and must posses permanent collections in relation to its stated objectives.

10. The Museum will seek at all times to acquire outright possession of items by gift, purchase or bequest.  Only in exceptional circumstances will items be accepted on loan.  Loans may however be from time to time solicited for the purpose of temporary exhibitions.

The constituent parts of the King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) are as follows:-

1. The 1st and 2nd Battalions King's Own, prior to 1881 the 4th (King's Own) Regiment of Foot, 1680-1959.

2.  The 3rd (Militia or Special Reserve) and 4th (Militia) Battalions King's Own, prior to 1881 the 1st Royal Lancashire Militia, circa 1689-1914.

3.  The 4th Battalion King's Own (TA), prior to 1908 the 1st Volunteer Battalion King's Own and pre 1883 the 10th Battalion Lancashire Rifle Volunteers incorporating the 5th Administrative Battalion and the 10th, 37th, 52nd, 65th and 75th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps.  The 4th Battalion was converted in 1938 to the 56th Anti-Tank Regiment (King's Own) Royal Artillery, TA, reformed in 1947 as 380 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA (King's Own) TA.

4.  The 5th Battalion King's Own (TA), prior to 1908 the 2nd Volunteer Battalion King's Own, formed in 1900 by a detachment from the 1st Volunteer Battalion.  The 5th Battalion was converted to the 107th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps (The King's Own) in 1941.  Re-established after the war it was redesignated 4/5th Battalion King's Own in 1961 and reduced to cadre status in 1968.

5.  All Service and duplicate Territorial Army Battalions of the Regiment raised during the two world wars.

6.  All volunteer and Home Guard units raised during the two world wars and affiliated to the Regiment.

7.  Allied Regiment - The King's Own Calgary Regiment

8. Cadet Units badged and affiliated to the Regiment.

This statement provides a summary of the Acquisition Policy of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum agreed by the Trustees.

2005 Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum