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Collection - Exhibits, Photographs & Archive

Todd Family Collection
2nd Lieutenant Ernest Victor Todd and Major Thomas Charles Victor Todd MBE

Photo and Scrap album relating to the service of Ernest Victor Todd with the Royal Engineers in the First World War - later commissioned into the King’s Own


Lieutenant A H Watson, Royal Engineers. ‘Wattie’
Accession Number: KO1930/47-01

Rouen, La Grosse Horloge
Accession Number: KO1930/47-02

Dunkerque, La Statue de la Victorie
Accession Number: KO1930/47-03

Moncy pres d’Arras
Accession Number: KO1930/47-04

‘La Journee du Pas-de-Calais
Accession Number: KO1930/47-05

Aerial Photograph of Arras, 13AB 360 51B G22 28 21 Apr 1918-10
Accession Number: KO1930/47-06

Aerial Photograph of Broken Mill, 21 Apr 1918. Scale 1/10000.
Photographs produced by No.1 Advanced Section AP & SS
Accession Number: KO1930/47-07

Norman Todd, brother of Ernest Victor Todd Oct 1916
Accession Number: KO1930/47-08

‘Frank’ New Year 1918
Accession Number: KO1930/47-09

‘A Few Friends from the East, Salonica Way’
Frank Heywood on a motorcycle.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-10

‘A Few Friends from the East, Salonica Way’
John Singleton and another.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-11

‘A Few Friends from the East, Salonica Way’
Bob Fleming
Accession Number: KO1930/47-12

‘A Few Friends from the East, Salonica Way’
‘Pop’ (Salmon)
Accession Number: KO1930/47-13

A few of the 6th King’s Own, Blackdown Camp, Surrey.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-14

Four men of the West Lancashire Territorials, Royal Engineers, North Wales, 21 Apr 1917.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-15

Royal Engineers Christmas Card for 1918 and New Year 1919.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-16

J L King, E V Todd, H W Parker, J O Scott, near Gillingham Pier.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-17

Accession Number: KO1930/47-18

Newspaper cutting from album of EV Todd.
‘A once interesting cutting from the Times’ Appointment of Todd as 2nd Lieutenant.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-19

‘Royal Marine, Church Parade, Chatham. ‘Good Old Chatham. As a recruit I hated it, but oh what memories I now treasure. I came back for two years after hostilities ceased.’
Accession Number: KO1930/47-20

Quartermaster Sergeant George and Mrs Jenkins, of Chatham.
Photograph by Howe, Chatham.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-21

‘The reunion when it was all over’ Group assumed to include Todd’s parents, another soldier and two ladies, may be his brother and sisters.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-22

Greetings, Christmas, 1917 from VIII Corps Headquarters, Christmas 1917. With coloured printed illustration of soldiers passing the ruins of Ypres. ‘From J Howells, Lieutenant, Royal Engineers’
Accession Number: KO1930/47-23

Kelham Hall, Newark on Trent
Accession Number: KO1930/47-24

Group photograph Royal Engineers Cadet Battalion, Sep 1917.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-25

Lieutenant Ernest Victor Todd
Accession Number: KO1930/47-26

Aerial Photograph 45 K 399 28 D 28 dc9c. 13 Feb 1917
Accession Number: KO1930/47-27

Aerial Photograph 46 B 145 28 c 16cd 22 ab. 24 Dec 1196
Accession Number: KO1930/47-28

Major Ernest Victor Todd with His Royal Highness Prince George, (The Duke of Kent), on a visit to Fleetwood, inspecting the Old Comrades who are on Parade. Possibly 1933.
Accession Number: KO1930/47-29

© Images are copyright, Trustees of the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum.
 You must seek permission prior to publication of any of our images.

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