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Watercolour Drawing of 2nd Battalion circa 1905

This watercolour drawing, by an unknown artist, originates from an Officers Mess Scrap Book for the 1st Battalion which dates from 1860 to 1914.

The picture is of the 2nd Battalion, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, at Blackdown, Aldershot in around 1904 or 1905.  Unknown artist.
Accession Number KO0011/01-070

'The Adjutant'  Captain Nigel Lucius Samuel Lysons, who was commissioned into the King's Own on 15th May 1897.  He served in the South African War with the 2nd Battalion and was present at Spion Kop, Vaal Krantz, Tugela Heights, Pieter's Hill and Transvaal.  He was later promoted Major and was killed in action on 21st October 1914.
Accession Number KO0011/01-071

'The Colonel' Depending on the time of the picture this will be either Lieutenant Ernest Augustus Frederick Carter or Lieutenant Colonel Walter Henry Duffin.
Accession Number KO0011/01-72

'Lt Chaper'  Actually Lieutenant Frank Cornwall Naper, who was commissioned into the King's Own on 21st April 1900.  He served with the 2nd Battalion in South Africa and was present at the Defence of Vryheid in 1901.  He resigned his commission on 12th May 1906.  He rejoined for service during the First World War and was later killed in action at the Battle of Arras with the 1st Battalion in 1917.
Accession Number KO0011/01-73

'Lt T.O.F.'  Actually Lieutenant Thomas Otto Fitzgerald.  Born on the 11th December 1875 he was commissioned with H Company of the 4th Battalion (Volunteers) on 6th December 1899.  He was embodied for service in South Africa on 13th December 1899.  He was granted a regular commission as Lieutenant on the 26th June 1901.  He later served with the King's African Rifles from 1906.  Promoted Captain in 1913, he served during the First World War, being promoted Lieutenant Colonel in January 1917, and was Commander of the East African Force from 3rd February 1918 to 31st March 1919.  He retired, with the rank of Colonel, on 7th March 1928.
Accession Number KO0011/01-74

'Number One Section, A Company'
Accession Number KO0011/01-75

Accession Number KO0011/01-76

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