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Photo Gallery

This on-line photographic gallery presents a selection of images from the museum's extensive collection.  New images will be added to these pages when time and resources permit.

Gallery Sections:

bulletPrivate Soldiers of the 1830's
bulletThe Regiment in Lancaster 1850-1902
bulletThe Regiment in Lancaster 1903-1920
bulletCrimean War 1854-1856
bullet1856-1899 Photographs - Regular Battalions
bulletAbyssinian Campaign of 1868
bulletOn line exhibition Images from Empire - Victorian & Edwardian Photographs
bulletAccommodation for Soldiers
bullet3rd and 4th Militia Battalions, King's Own, 1883-1908
bulletSouth African War (Boer War) 1899-1902
bulletSt. Helena and Boer Prisoners of War 1900-1902
bullet1900-1914 Photographs - Regular Battalions
bulletVolunteer Battalions 1900-1908
bullet4th Militia Battalion 1904-1906 including Conway Camp
bulletVisit of Lord Roberts to Lancaster, 29th July 1904
bulletTrooping the Colour, Lancaster, 23rd February 1906
bulletThe King's Own in Ulverston
bulletThe King's Own in Barrow in Furness
bulletTerritorial Force 1908-1914 (4th & 5th Battalions)
bullet3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion, 1908-1914
bulletNorth Lancashire Bassett Hounds 1907-1912
bulletCadets circa 1912
bulletFirst World War
bulletFirst World War Art - Sketches and Drawings
bulletPre-First World War Art - Sketches and Drawings
bulletDepot & Lancaster, Returning Soldiers, Peace and Medal Presentations, 1919
bulletColour Party for Paris and London Victory Parades, July 1919
bullet55th Division Memorial, Givenchy
bulletThe Borough of Morecambe War Memorial
bulletWestfield War Memorial Village, Lancaster
bulletVisit of Field Marshall Earl Haig, November 1924, to unveil the 1914-18  King's Own War Memorial
bulletWar Trophies in Lancaster between the wars
bullet1920s and 1930s Photographs
bulletPlacing of Colours in Edinburgh Castle
bulletDepot Groups 1930-37
bulletMunich Crisis at Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster, 1938
bulletScenes of Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster, Summer 1939
bulletSecond World War
bulletThe National Service Years - 1945-59
bulletRegimental Depot, Bowerham Barracks, 1950s
bulletBritish Army of the Rhine - Osnabruck, 1952-53
bulletPresentation of the Freedom of Lancaster to the Regiment August 1953
bulletKorea 1953-54
bulletHong Kong 1954-56
bulletRegimental Chapel of the King's Own
bulletRoyal Connections to the Regiment
bulletTerritorial Army Centenary 1908-2008
bulletUniform Gallery - 1680-1910
bulletCorps of Drums and Regimental Band
bullet1959 Amalgamation of the King's Own and Border Regiments
bulletColours of the Regiment
bulletSoldiers of the Regiment
bulletSons of the Regiment
bulletChildren of the Regiment
bulletWar Memorials
bulletIndividual Graves
bulletRegimental Association
bulletRemembrance Services
bulletStereoscope Picture Cards
bulletRegimental Objects etc not in the museum's collection
bulletKing's Own Calgary Regiment, Canada
bulletKing's Own Royal Border Regiment
bulletMiscellaneous Photographs

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We recommend the pictorial history of the King's Own - Lions of England by S A Eastwood which contains over 300 images from the museum's collections in print form.  The book is available from the museum shop and good libraries.

The Pictorial History of the Regiment: Lions of England by S A Eastwood. Pictorial history drawing upon the vast collection of archives and photographs in the King's Own Museum in Lancaster, covering the history of the regiment from 1680 to 1980.  Hardbound, over 300 photos. Price including UK postage 26.

How to order this item.

The King's Own The Story of a Royal Regiment Volume 2 1814-1914 by Colonel Lionel I Cowper - the best history of the King's Own.  On a CD-rom, viewable through a computer.  Price including UK postage 12.75

How to order this item.

The King's Own The Story of a Royal Regiment Volume 3 1914-1959 by Colonel Julia Cowper - the best history of the King's Own.  On a CD-rom, viewable through a computer with Internet Explorer or similar.  Price including UK postage 12.75

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