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The work of Henry Buckton Laurence (1842-1886)

“Autumnal Antics of Our Auxiliaries and Others at the Late Manoeuvres”
By Major Henry Buckton Laurence, with sketches of Camp Life etc.  (The Cheshire Militia) (KO0984/02, KO0078/02)

Front Cover.
Accession Number: KO0984/02

Accession Number: KO0984/02-01

Militiaman (a Costermonger by trade) to his Colonel, "You old beggar wait til yer wants halfpenny herring off my barrow for a fardin!!"
Accession Number: KO0984/02-02

The New Regimental Control System
Accession Number: KO0984/02-03

Scene - The Militia Camp Sergeant Major endeavouring to "fall in" a fatigue party.
Serjeant Major: "Come Lads dy'e hear me a talking"  "Why don't yer move?"
Militiaman [reposing]: "Hear yer talkin!  O'course we does, but what air you a going to do?  Look on as usual I suppose!!"
Accession Number: KO0984/02-04

Militia and Line fraternize joining in a friendly Rabbit Hunt.  Linesman bags the Rabbit which Militia rudely tries to snatch....  The result after knocking down two, ..... "Now does any other man want this here Rabbit!"
Accession Number: KO0984/02-05

Scene: Distinguished Staff Officer passed Militia Camp; - Sentry not taking slightest notice, Comrade (in deshabille) on his left, seizes his Rifle and Presents Arms, remainder facetiously chaff distinguished Officer, who harries off "highly pleased" with everyone he has seen.
Accession Number: KO0984/02-06

Scene No.1: 1st Militiaman - "Come on Bill, the Adjutant says you're to Double Up"
2nd ditto reclining: "And you may double up and tell the Beggar he may double back and kiss my foot for I aint going no further today!"
Accession Number: KO0984/02-07

Scene No.1: Militiaman returns to Camp the following day having taken his own time.  Soliloquy by the same.
"Well if any of you silly Beggars h'ever ketch me hout again H'assistin at Hortum Manuvers may I be etc"
Accession Number: KO0984/02-08

Militia Sentry to Distinguished General Officer.  "Why don't I salute yer?"  Now aint you Smart, I was going to, Now I'll be blowed if I do - There!
Accession Number: KO0984/02-09

Sergeant Major: "Beg Pardon Sir but we are being enfiladed"
Subaltern Commanding Company: "And, haw, what do fellers do when they are being enfiladed?"
Accession Number: KO0984/02-10

Militia Guard Turned Out.
Serjeant in Charge, Now then Mates - "Preesent".
Accession Number: KO0984/02-10

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